“With milky white effects that remind one of lime..”

The History of Podere40

Podere40 is located  in Pittuini district, 5 km from Leverano and just 2 km from Porto Cesareo, an ancient fishing village and a charming seaside resort renowned for its beautiful  white sand beaches,  amazing sea bottoms and crystal clear sea water. If you love cliffs you  can not miss the wonderful  Porto Selvaggio Bay  in the neighbourhood.

After World War II the Italian Government enacted the so called “Riforma Agraria”, a land reform establishing  the rules for  the expropriation  and  splitting of some large estates  into small farms in order to increase small farming possessions. However the reform was not successful, so in the 1950s and 1960s a lot of small landowners,  after realizing that their small farms were not profitable, decided to emigrate and  deserted their land possessions.

PODERE40 belonged to Masseria Pittuini and was involved in the land reform of  the territory of Nardò. Just some years ago Marco and Catia, the present owners, bought it. Despite its state of decay, it was love at first sight with their strong desire to renovate the old building and  see their children grow up in touch with nature in an ancient  farmhouse.

Their long hotel experience in welcoming people from all over the world and making them feel at home is one of the points of strength of Podere40 where “you do arrive as guests and leave as friends”

The Style

Podere 40, the atmosphere  of a farmhouse,  the appeal of  life based on biological rhythms,  seasons, slow rhythms, personal needs governed by an eco-friendly attitude. These ideas have guided the renovation of the ruins. We tried to maintain the original charm of past times always keeping in mind  the final effect for our guests,

We chose poor types of wood, worn out and  whitewashed, with milky white effects that remind one of lime and  various shades of clay for light and shadow effects.


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