The territory of Porto Cesareo is characterized   by  a long and flat coast  with stretches of sand, dunes  full of Mediterranean vegetation, damp areas, rocks and small islands,  the Isola Grande, also known as  Isola dei Conigli, covered by Aleppo pine trees and acacia trees, and the Isola della Malva being the most important. The area is very relevant  from a biological point of view as it is populated by  more than 200 plant species. Just for this reason in 1997 the  natural marine protected area of Porto Cesareo was created in order to preserve and appraise the environmental and cultural resources of the territory. The rich biodiversity of the seabed, similar to the one found in subtropical and tropical seas, is astonishing. A wide variety of crustaceans, mollusks, multi-coloured fish and  turtles  populate our wonderful sea. Among the most fascinating sights for divers: at 10 – 12 metres deep, along the sandy bottom,  the Posidonia oceanica meadows, a true biological gold dust providing oxygen, a vital shelter and nourishment for the numerous marine organisms; in the rocky areas at about 15 metres of depth the colourful corals among which the Mediterranean coral species Cladocora caespitosa.

Podere 40 is just 2 km  from breathtaking surroundings: Porto Cesareo


Podere 40 is just 2 km  from breathtaking surroundings: Porto Cesareo.

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